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Child sitting in a dental chair and smiling at dentist and dental assistant at Keizer Family Dental in Keizer, ORKids' dental health is as important, if not more, than that of adults. Preventative care for children can solve a lot of issues that could arise in the future. Since children begin to develop their teeth early, we recommend they visit our dentist clinic as early as age one or when their first tooth erupts. This early phase of tooth formation is what forms a strong foundation for strong teeth in the coming years. Regular dental checkups at this age are crucial to maintaining your child's teeth and good oral hygiene. Here at Keizer Family Dental, our main objective is to maintain your child's oral health and provide them with all the tools to develop a wonderful and healthy smile.

When Should Kids Visit a Dentist?

According to the American Dental Association, kids should have their first dental checkup when they develop their first tooth. Even though these baby teeth will eventually fall out, taking care of them builds a strong foundation for healthy adult teeth. Kids should visit the dentist every six months after two years of age to detect any dental problems early on and prevent serious complications. During your child's first visit, we check the teeth, gum, bite, and jaw to ensure proper development.

At around age seven, as primary teeth grow, we can detect common dental issues such as overgrown and crooked teeth. A vital time to get a checkup is at age 12 when permanent teeth begin to grow. We can identify early on if your child needs braces or surgery for them to develop a perfect smile. When your child experiences any pain or bleeding when brushing, it is time to visit our clinic for an exam.

Importance of Kids Dentistry

Early visits to our dental clinic ensure your child maintains a perfect smile up to adulthood. As kids grow up, many dental problems can arise from their growing teeth. Our dental team can offer a fun environment and techniques to solve dental issues as soon as they appear. Kids dentistry helps your child develop good oral habits that prevent tooth decay and bad breath, like brushing daily and flossing. We encourage our young patients, with your help, to establish a routine of taking care of their teeth for long-lasting oral hygiene.

We offer a deep clean to remove tartar buildup to prevent your child from developing gum disease. Regular checkups prevent dental cavities that lead to trouble concentrating and sensitivity while chewing food. Your child becomes more confident as they speak, which is suitable for their overall development. It is better to prevent dental health problems than to pay for costly treatments like dental implants when a tooth is lost.

Our team of professionals makes sure your child is comfortable so that they can be excited to come in for future dental checkups. If your children require any dental work done such as oral surgery or placing braces, you can visit us at Keizer Family Dental. You can also contact us on (971) 345-8563 to find out more about how our team can improve your child's dental health.
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