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Close up of a simple mouthguard being held up by an excited patientSleep bruxism is a common condition that causes one to grind and clench their teeth at night. This kind of damage to your teeth disrupts your sleep and causes you to wake up with headaches, toothaches, jaw pain, and even facial pain. According to data from the American Dental Health Association Health Policy Institute, the rate of tooth grinding conditions have increased by 59.4% during the pandemic.

We can reduce the effects of Bruxism on your dental health with a night mouthguard. Our team at Keizer Family Dental prefers you get a good night's sleep and advise on the most effective night mouthguard to protect your teeth from damage.

Types of Night Mouthguards

Night guards come in different types since not every patient's level of bruxism is the same. The proper night mouth guard should be of high quality, resistant and long-lasting. It should be well-fitting since a loose mouthguard might affect your breathing and comfort when you sleep. Soft night guards are the most comfortable and used for patients with a mild case of sleep bruxism. It is the easiest to get used to when sleeping, but it has a short life span.

For heavy clenching and grinding, we recommend a dual laminate night guard. It is soft inside and hard on the outside, which makes it a little thick. Dual laminate night guards are longer lasting than soft guards. When teeth grinding is severe, we make rigid nightguards that are durable and prevent teeth from shifting. We use an accurate impression of your teeth to make this tough night guard. It is the hardest to get used to when sleeping.

A stock mouthguard protects the enamel of your teeth. They are readily available at stores but can be loose-fitting since they are designed for a standard size. If you have a unique dental formula, these might not fit well. Boil and bite mouthguards offer a better fit for your teeth. After you remove it from boiling water and bite into it, it forms from the impression of your teeth. Despite their snug fit, boil and bite night mouthguards wear out quickly.

Custom-made night guards provide the best and most accurate fit.

Benefits of Night Mouthguards

Night mouthguards prevent damage to your teeth by acting as a barrier between them, specifically the enamel when clenching or grinding your teeth. Without a night guard, you can wake with severe facial and jaw pain from hours of clenching your teeth. They help maintain your implants or other dental work done that might get damaged when you clench your teeth too hard. Without proper night mouth guards, your fillings end up wearing out and need a frequent replacement that can be costly. Night mouthguards do not cure bruxism, but they prevent inflammation of the jaw that can affect your eating and talking.

A custom-made night guard from our team will be more comfortable sleeping in and reducing the effects of bruxism, like chipped teeth. Our night mouthguards tend to last longer due to their high quality. Here at Keizer Family Dental, we treat sleep bruxism and fit you with the best night mouthguard to prevent any more damage to your teeth. For more information on sleep bruxism, you can book an appointment with us by calling (971) 345-8563.
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