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Side by side drawings comparing a healthy tooth with another tooth suffering from periodontal disease at Keizer Family Dental in Keizer, ORGum disease is a bacterial infection that attacks the gums, causing them to swell. It is caused by bad oral habits, such as patients not brushing their teeth or not attending regular dental checkups. Gum disease is also known as periodontitis, and in severe cases, can lead to teeth falling out. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) findings, half of Americans aged 30 and above have periodontitis despite the severe and permanent effects. At Keizer Family Dental, we offer you the treatment for gum disease and any other dental consultation so that you can maintain good oral hygiene.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

When you fail to brush your teeth and floss frequently, bacteria build up in the mouth. The main symptom of gum disease is the formation of a thick white layer around the affected tooth known as plaque. It causes swollen and receding gums that make your teeth appear longer. Some patients do not even notice they have periodontitis because of such painless symptoms. At the same time, others can experience toothaches while chewing food.

Gum disease damages bone tissue under the gum over time, which leaves you with a loose and wobbly tooth. One can also experience bad breath as a sign of gum disease since bacteria feeds on plaque build-up in the mouth.

Treatment of Gum Disease

At our clinic, we treat periodontitis depending on how severe it has become. If our patient only has plaque build-up, we perform scaling on the tooth, above and under the gum line to remove it. Most people only need a scaling and root planing procedure to remove all the plaque to treat their gum disease. If a patient has lost one tooth, we advise them to get a dental implant. This procedure includes placing a tooth root at the empty gum area to hold an artificial crown in place. It is a great option to restore a perfect smile.

Dental bridges are the best option for patients who are missing multiple consecutive teeth. Bridges are natural-looking artificial teeth placed in the gap between missing teeth. If the roots of teeth are exposed because of receding gums, we may perform a gum graft surgery. Here we use soft tissue from other mouth areas to cover the exposed roots and prevent any further bone loss. We also offer a comprehensive care plan after treatment of periodontitis to maintain good oral health.

How To Prevent Gum Disease

You can prevent periodontitis from affecting your gums by following a few easy steps: brushing your teeth twice a day and after every meal kills germs and removes food particles. These germs harbor bacteria that cause gum disease. Flossing between the teeth helps prevent food particles from sticking there. If you attend regular dental checkups twice a year, chances are that our dentists will identify any infections and treat it before it becomes severe. If gum disease is not prevented, it can lead to dental problems that affect the teeth, jaw, and overall health.

Gum disease is common among adults. However, our team provides multiple solutions to restore the function of your teeth and oral hygiene. If you have any symptoms of gum disease, please visit our clinic at Keizer Family Dental. You can also contact us at (971) 345-8563 to book an appointment with us.
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