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Sports Guard

Close up of a hand holding a sports guard against a black backgroundPlaying some sports can come with a few risks, like facial injuries and losing a few front teeth. More than a million people still play professional sports like wrestling, football, rugby, and boxing. It is easy to get a few teeth knocked out, destroying your beautiful smile. A mouth guard in sports is gear that protects your teeth from damages since its thickness distributes the force of an impact.

This protection is vital for any sort of athlete or if you are at any risk of injury. Our dentists aim to fit you with the right mouthguard to retain your teeth if you play any high-impact sports. At Keizer Family Dental, we provide you with well-fitting mouthguards.

Types of Sports Mouthguards

The best mouthguards are custom-made ones. When fitting our patients, we consider their bite, the number of teeth, and if they have had any previous dental work. We take a mold of your teeth and send it to the lab to be made. This way, the mouthguard protects every tooth and is comfortable for wear.

A boil and bite mouthguard is another type of protective mouth gear. Unlike the ones we make for you, these you bite into after removing from boiling water. It then molds into the shape of your teeth.

Stock mouthguards are more popular since they are available in stores. They are a standard size and can be bulky, so you may not get a good fit for your mouth. Most stock mouthguards are of poor quality and wear out fast.

Caring for Your Sports Mouthguard

In contact sports like boxing, professionals have multiple mouthguards that last for more than a few rounds. If you want to maintain your sports mouthguards, it is essential to clean them properly every time you use them. Also, keep away from any pets and dirt. When moving around, you should keep the mouthguard in a well-ventilated container to keep it dry from bacteria.

For kids who play sports, we recommend changing their mouthguards often. Since their dental formula is still changing, older mouthguards would not be comfortable to wear. Our team can always suggest a new mouthguard if it shows any signs of wear and tear.

Importance of Sports Mouthguards

If you have braces on your teeth, the metal can end up hurting your mouth during a collision. A sports mouthguard acts as a barrier and prevents your braces from contact with your gums, lips, or inner cheeks. It can cause difficulty while talking or eating with wounds on your lips and gums. Without a sports mouthguard, you can end up with broken teeth, or you may develop nerve and root damage if you sustain any blows to the face. A mouthguard redistributes the forces from hard blows to reduce the severity of concussions. It also protects your jawbone by cushioning it.

It might not seem like essential gear but getting a sports mouthguard from us will help you avoid future expenses like replacing missing teeth. At Keizer Family Dental, we are pleased to provide the best sports mouthguards that will protect your teeth from any injury. You can reach us at (971) 345-8563 to book your appointment.
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